2-IN-1 Uncoiler & Coil Straightener

Compact Press Feeding & Coil Handing Systems

Stamtec's 2-IN-1 Compact Coil Straightener and Uncoiler provides optimum straightening and excellent value. The modular design can handle a wide range of material widths and thicknesses to increase production capabilities for thin to heavy-duty stamping applications.

We engineer our 2-IN-1 Coil Straightener and Uncoiler to improve your stamping operation’s productivity, efficiency and accuracy while saving valuable floor space.

Review the features and specs of our 2-IN-1 coil handling systems below and then contact us for the compact coil straightener/uncoiler that meets your requirements.

Stamtec 2-IN-1 Press Feeding System


  • Compact design saves floor space

  • Heavy duty construction

  • Coil thickness to 4.5 mm (0.18 in.)

  • Coil weight up to 27.56 tons

  • Variable speed drive

  • Engineered solutions for a variety of material types

  • Multiple modes for feeding material to the press

  • Requires separate SERVO FEEDER (see below)

Stamtec 2-IN-1 coil straightener & uncoiler Stamtec 2-IN-1 coil handling systems Stamtec compact uncoiler & coil straightener


Max Coil Width in. 7.78 ~ 62.99
mm 200 ~ 1600
Coil Thickness in. 0.01 ~ 0.18
mm 0.3 ~ 4.5
Coil Weight US Tons 3.31 ~ 27.56
Metric Tons 3 ~ 25
Straightening Rolls 7 ~ 22

Stamtec Separated Press Feeding Equipment


Stamtec 2-IN-1 Feedlines (compact STRAIGHTENER and UNCOILER) require a separate SERVO FEEDER for feeding continuous coil operations. Servo Feeders offer a modular design, rugged construction and high quality components to ensure exceptional performance and dependable feeds.

  • Coil width: 7.87 ~ 62.99 in. (200 ~ 1600 mm)

  • Coil thickness: 0.004 ~ 0.315 in. (0.1 ~ 8.0 mm)

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