Press Advantages:

4 point straight side press - stamtec

Press Advantages - 4-Point Straight Side Press

All gears are produced at CF Stamtec’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, using the most modern gear manufacturing equipment and strict quality control procedures. All large gears are balanced for smooth operation. The result is a metal press drive system that provides close running tolerances, prolonged life and smooth, quiet operation.

This type of drive carries much higher torque loads than crankshaft style drives. In addition, no torsional force is transmitted to the main eccentric gear shafts, which helps to ensure precise slide movement on our transfer presses. The stamping loads are transferred through the gear teeth and the connection straps, so pressure and wear on the bronze alloy bushings is reduced to a minimum.

The four-point straight side press can run extremely large parts, or large dies with many stations, which can eliminate many secondary operations normally performed outside the press. When used as a transfer press, scrap savings of up to 17 percent may be achieved because a scrap skeleton is not necessary to move the parts through the die.

Stamtec will work with the transfer system provider of your choice (e.g., HMS, Wayne Trail, Linear, Noble, Gudel, Atlas), to integrate the transfer system completely with the press, feed line and other peripheral equipment as necessary.

Optional Features:

Optional Features - 4 Point Straight Side Press

  • Link motion drive technology
  • Press controls from industry leaders like Wintriss, Link, Helm (Allen-Bradley), Toledo (Allen-Bradley), Siemens, Mitsubishi, etc.
  • Anti-vibration press leveling mounts
  • Safety light curtains
  • Tonnage monitor
  • Quick die change system
  • Die cushion
  • Knockout bar
  • Compact servo feed line

Standard Features:

Standard Features - 4-Point Straight Side Press

  • Separated or combination air clutch and brake
  • Flywheel brake
  • Hydraulic overload system
  • Air counterbalance system
  • Automatic grease lubrication system
  • Digital die height indicator
  • Removable, flanged, t-slotted slide plate and bolster
  • Motorized slide adjustment
  • Press control with:
    • Six (6) programmable limit switches
    • Four (4) programmable die monitor inputs
    • 6-digit part and batch counters
    • LCD display screen for status and fault messages
    • LED display for crank angle and spm
    • Interlocked die safety block