Feeding & Coil Handling Equipment

Stand-alone processing equipment or completely integrated lines

STAMTEC Press Feeding and Coil Handling Systems ... SMART / EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE

•    Are your looking for a more flexible processing solution?

•    Do you need to process a wide range of materials with different widths and thicknesses?

•    Are you facing floor space constraints, but don't want to sacrifice capabilities?

STAMTEC Press Feeding and Coil Handling Systems provide the speed, quality and precision to exceed your most demanding stamping requirements. Contact us for more information on our press feed and coil handling equipment, including:

Stamtec 3-IN-1 Press Feeding Systems

Stamtec 3-IN-1 Systems

Servo Feeder, Straightener and Uncoiler

Stamtec 3-IN-1 Servo Feeder, Straightener and Uncoiler are accurate, built to handle a wide range of material width and thickness, and can reduce waste.

Our ergonomic design provides more efficient operation and enhanced capabilities meet your specific press room needs.

Stamtec 2-IN-1 Press Feeding Systems

Stamtec 2-IN-1 Systems

Compact Straightener and Uncoiler

Stamtec 2-IN-1 Compact Straightener and Uncoiler provides optimum straightening and excellent value.  

The modular design can handle a wide range of material widths and thicknesses to increase production capabilities for thin to heavy-duty stamping applications.

Stamtec Separated Press Feeding Equipment

Stamtec Separated Equipment

Uncoilers, Straighteners, Feeders and Shears

Stamtec offers a modular design, rugged construction and high quality components to ensure exceptional performance and dependable feeds.

Stamtec Production Lines

Stamtec Production Lines

Blanking, Slitting & Cut-To-Length, Transfer & Robot and Press Feed Equipment 

Stamtec designs, engineers and integrates complete PRODUCTION LINES, capable of processing a wide range of material types, thickness, yield strength, widths and weights.  

Custom line solutions, built with equipment designed specific to your needs and requirements.